Cavity Wall Systems

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Enverge FlashGard™ Thru-Wall Flashing Products

File Name Size Download
FC-1 – Stone Coping110 kB
FC-2 – Metal Coping74 kB
FCW-1 – Cavity Wall Base Flashing Set In Mortar Joint84 kB
FCW-2 – Cavity Wall Flashing Adhered to Wall Face85 kB
FCW-3 – Cavity Wall Spandrel Beam84 kB
FDH-1 – Door Header74 kB
FED-1 – Typical End Dam86 kB
FED-2 – End Dam In Base Flashing At Door Jamb67 kB
FIC-1 – End Dam At Inside Corner88 kB
FMS-1 – Metal Drip At Shelf Angle70 kB
FOC-1 – End Dam At Inside Corner82 kB
FRE-1 – Cavity Wall At Roof Edge71 kB
FS-1 – Enverge FlashGard to Enverge FlashGard Seam49 kB
FSP-1 Flashing Seal At Penetration60 kB
FSW-1 – Single-Wythe Sill And Header69 kB
FSW-2 – Single-Wythe Flashing At Base62 kB
FSW-3 – Single-Wythe Flashing at Parapet76 kB
FW-1 – Cavity Wall Base Flashing At Stud-Veneer Wall Base98 kB
FWH-1 – Window Header79 kB
FWH-2 – Stud Meta Window Header83 kB
FWH-3 – Stud-Metal Wall Window Header80 kB
FWS-1-Model290 kB
FWS-2 – Cavity Wall At Metal Window Sill79 kB
FWS-3 – Residential Window Sill86 kB
FWS-4 – Stud Wall At Window Sill87 kB

Enverge Continuous Insulation Products

File Name Size Download
CW-100 to 108 Steel-Glass-Brick Details1 MB
CW-110 to 118 Steel-Glass-MCM Details1 MB
CW-120 to 128 CMU-Glass-Brick Details871 kB
CW-130 to 138 CMU-Glass-MCM Details961 kB
CW-200 to 208 Steel-Foil-Brick Details1 MB
CW-210 to 218 Steel-Foil-MCM Details1 MB
CW-220 to 228 CMU-Foil-Brick Details1 MB
CW-230 to 238 CMU-Foil-MCM Details996 kB

Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier Products

File Name Size Download
CW1 – Parapet Wall Detail130 kB
CW2-Concrete Column Plan Detail154 kB
CW3 – Steel Column Plan Detail114 kB
CW4 – Control and Expansion Joint Plan Detail124 kB
CW5 – Metal Window Frame Detail167 kB
CW6 – Factory Insulated Window Frame Detail170 kB
CW7 – Foundation Detail146 kB
CW8 – Steel Studs – Shelf Angle Detail131 kB
CW9 – CMU – Shelf Angle Detail122 kB