Landscape Solutions

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Residential Lining

File Name Size Download
PGA – 1 PondGard Standard “U” Shaped Anchor Trench81 kB
PGA- 2 PondGard Run-out Anchoring79 kB
PGP – 1 PondGard QuickSeam Pre-Molded Pipe Flashing79 kB
PGP – 2 PondGard Field Fabricated Pipe/Tube Flashing77 kB
PGS – 1 PondGard 6″ Cover Strip Seam60 kB
PGS – 2 PondGard 3″ Inseam Splice Tape Seam59 kB
PGS – 3 PondGard Seam Edge Treatment (FormFlash Only)140 kB
PGT – 1 PondGard Wall Flashing Termination Above Maximum Water Line80 kB
PGT – 2 PondGard Outside Pond Wall Flashing Termination79 kB
PGT – 3 PondGard Horizontal Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line74 kB
PGT – 4 PondGard Vertical Mechanical Attachment Below the Water Line63 kB
fPP-R ML-LS-2 Lap Splice with Headlap Under Field Seam Using T-Joint Cover26 kB